14K Rose Gold Necklace w/ Pink Topaz & Pearl

$513.52 $189.47

Nothing screams excellence like gold. Gold is the top award given to those in the Olympics. We have the phrase known as the "gold standard". In short, gold is what everyone wants, and it is what is in the 14k rose gold necklace with pink topaz and pearl. Although the amount of gold is not huge in the necklace, it is enough that you can wear it and still feel comfortable. If the necklace were anymore gold, you may not feel like you were comfortable that you would not be robbed of it. This is why this necklace is perfect for anyone who wants to be a little flashy without going overboard.


Item Information
Metal: 14K. Solid Gold
Item Weight: 1.30 gr.
1 Round shape, 5.0 mm, Pink Topaz = 0.48 ct
1 Round shape, 7.0 mm, Pearl = 0.75 ct