2 Carat 14K Gold Bare Truth Ruby Necklace

$1,022.56 $377.28

Some say that the 14k solid gold necklace with natural earrings reminds them of a vine of grapes. This exotic look is one that you could be going for on certain occasions. If you feel that you have an occasion like that coming up, then go for it! This has three rubies hanging close together, and one that is dangling down away from the others. It is the unique one that most catches people's eyes usually. You should purchase this necklace so as to show off how you are like the unique ruby. A little different and not always following the crowd. Everyone loves someone with their own personal style and touch.


Item Information
Metal: 14K. Solid Gold
Item Weight: 1.90 gr.
4 Round shape, 5.0 mm, Ruby = 2.00 ct