20.7 Carat 14K Gold Bracelet Citrine Garnet

$3,961.12 $1,461.49

This extraordinary 14k solid gold bracelet with citrines and garnets is cute and extravagant at the same time. Each flower is made up of citrine petals, and then a space with a round-cut garnet. This pattern repeats around the bracelet. This piece is the perfect thing to add to an outfit that needs an interesting focal point. It's not your typical tennis bracelet, but it certainly is eye catching. The garnets are a total of 5.30 carats, while the citrines are a total of 15.40 carats. This bracelet will be heavier than most due to it's amazing carat count. It is available in yellow, white or rose gold.

Item Information
Metal: 14K. Solid Gold
Item Weight: 11.10 gr.
40 Pear shape, 6X4 mm, Citrine = 15.40 ct
11 Round shape, 5.0 mm, Garnet = 5.30 ct