3.15 Carat 14K White Gold Azure Seawater Tanzanite Necklace

$1,259.16 $464.58

Ready to show off your flower power? Go with a 14k solid necklace with natural tanzanites. This flower shaped necklace can help you to show your spring time spirit. The stones of the necklace can come in many different colors that correspond to the months of the year. That is to say that there are stones that are related to each month as birth stones. You may choose the one that corresponds to your birth month and get those. If that is the path that you take, then people educated on the birth stones will also be able to tell your birth month based on your necklace. This is an added bonus.


Item Information
Metal: 14K. Solid Gold
Item Weight: 2.10 gr.
4 Pear shape, 6X4 mm, Tanzanite = 2.15 ct
2 Round shape, 5.0 mm, Tanzanite = 1.00 ct