3.6 Carat 14K Rose Gold Necklace Natural Checkerboard Cut Blue Topaz

$800.28 $295.27

If you've been considering a blue topaz necklace, now's the time and this is the necklace. Take a close look at the fascinating checkerboard cut of this stone. Do you know anyone else whose topaz has been cut this way? You will enjoy this beautiful and unique necklace! The lovely natural stone is more than 3.5 carats, set in pure gold. You choose whether it should be white, yellow or rose gold. If you want a longer or heavier chain, we can arrange that. The setting is simple, designed to let the single stone simply reflect your good taste, as such a beautiful stone should!


Item Information
Metal: 14K. Solid Gold
Item Weight: 2.10 gr.
1 Cushion shape, 10.0 mm, Blue Topaz = 3.60 ct